Historically, the guitarist who worried about his technical problems and performance anxiety automatically turned to the great masters of the guitar to find the answers to his questions. But what if the information transmitted by way of tradition did not provide all the answers? Biomechanics and the psychology of performance have been used by athletes for many years in order to overcome obstacles-both physical and mental. The consequence of this marriage of science and sport was an exponential increase in athletic performance. In this website, the author shows that all knowledge is transferable to the practice of the instrument. He explains how biomechanics and performance psychology address these questions and how they have the ability to help the guitarist to maximise his physical and psychological potential. Based on sound science rather than dogmatic theory, it offers a guide to harmonising the body and mind, with the ultimate goal of freely expressing the music within.

Jean-François Desrosby


Known for his energetic style—“…equalling the energy of a rock band – move aside Hetfield!” (Classical Guitar Canada), “…whoever chose the term energetic wasn’t kidding…”(Classical Guitar Magazine)—the Canadian classical guitarist Jean-Francois Desrosby has shown his talent on the stages of the United States, Mexico, France, Germany and Canada. Described by the magazine InfOpera as a musician with “… great taste and the true meaning of music…,” the composer Pascal Sasseville-Quoquochi highlights, “… a completely mastered technique and a sense of musicality full of a surprising depth.”

Besides his concert career, Jean-François is also recognized as an excellent teacher, heading the Classical Guitar Department at the University of Sherbrooke and giving several master’s classes and conferences each year. His research in the fields of biomechanics and psychology of performance has led to the writing of the book Guitaristes Classiques: Les Secrets de Votre Potentiel! [Classical Guitarists: Unlock Your Potential!]. This positioned him as an important player in the modernization of guitar pedagogy. He also teaches young musicians from the University of Sherbrooke in a course devoted to this topic, how to optimize their musical performance by using knowledge of biomechanics and performance psychology.

He holds a Doctorate in Music Performance (D.Mus., University of Montreal, research topic: Optimizing the performance on classical guitar with biomechanics and psychology) and the Prize with High Distinction from the Conservatory of Music in Montreal. He has also had the opportunity to work with some of the leading guitarists of our time, and he has received several prestigious prizes and awards during his career. Jean-François uses exclusively Savarez strings and plays a guitar by Antonius Müller (2013).


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