Coaching, Workshops, Lectures, Masterclass

  • Private coaching: 

It’s possible to get a coaching session via Skype or Facetime. I developed an effective way to work with these new tools. All you need is a video camera of good quality and a high-speed Internet connection. Payment for courses can be made via Paypal or Interact.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email for more details.

  • Optimization of techniques for guitar (or other musical instruments) using a biomechanical approach (workshop, lecture or masterclass)

Discover the physiological mechanisms allowing you to optimize techniques for guitar (or other instruments) and prevent injuries related to playing an instrument. Through a biomechanical approach, you will discover how to overcome your technical limits. You will learn not only some basic anatomy, but also practical skills based on sports biomechanics research. This approach allows everyone to adapt these ideas to their own morphology and technique school.

  • Optimizing performance through mental preparation (workshop, lecture or masterclass)

Discover the psychological mechanisms allowing you to optimize your musical performance. As I drew a lot of information for my research from biomechanics and sports, I quite naturally looked to athletes and their mental preparation to see if there were elements applicable to instrument playing. In this thematic workshop (masterclass, lecture), you will learn (in an accessible language) the mechanisms behind performance anxiety, explore more concrete ways to deal with stress, even making it a friend, and optimize your stage performance.